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Trainees from colleges, universities or other EU member states

Swedish Council for European Social Fund (ESF-Council) welcomes trainees from colleges, universities or other EU member states. Whether we can grant you a traineeship or not is dependent on our possibility for mentoring and relevant tasks. Priority is given to students with a compulsory traineeship in their education. We acknowledge the quality enhancement of a diverse working place. The working of ESF-Council is Swedish, if you come from another member state, the working language will be English and traineeship will focus on the transnational work of ESF-Council.

Traineeship period

The period is adjusted according to the studies, the experience and the interest of the trainee. At the same time the tasks performed should be according to the yearly activity plan of the ESF-Council . Priority is given to trainees who can stay in a minimum of three months.

Traineeship remuneration

Trainee cannot be paid for the tasks performed. If the colleges and universities finance the traineeship, ESF-Council will use it for possible travel or conference costs.


ESF-Council will assign a mentor to each trainee. The mentor will have the main responsibility during the traineeship period and will issue a traineeship certificate.

CV and introductory letter

If interested, please send your CV and introductory letter, where you also write your preferred working place (we have offices in 9 cities), time period and preferred tasks to: centrala-enheten@esf.se.

Please send your request at the latest the 15th of April for the autumn traineeship and the 31st of October for the spring one.

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