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Articles about our projects

Here we publish articles about some of the projects within the European Social Fund and European Integration Fund.

  • Creating stable structures for learning

    Those responsible for functional disability issues and the companies that provide meals in Gothenburg’s association of local authorities, noticed during their development work, that employees skills were not being utilised in the best way. At the same time, it appeared that employees’ levels of education varied a lot. The project GRo wants to create attractive workplaces through structured learning.

  • BÄST (BEST) from a citizen’s perspective

    Bromölla municipality realised that they were not providing the quality they should be doing for the community’s residents. At the same time, sickness absenteeism was high among municipal employees, and many did not like their work. So they started an ambitious project: to convert their entire organization to that of an organization that thought in terms of systems.

  • Vidare vägar helps people find work

    In the district of Majorna-Linné in Gothenburg, there are a lot of unhealthy people. Many in the area live with mental illness and have been without work for a long time. A few years ago, there were several organisations that helped, but nobody was in charge of coordinating them. The project Vidare Vägar then took charge.

  • A healthier Krokom

    Krokom municipality has one of the highest levels of sickness absenteeism in Sweden. The high number of sick days along with new legislation on sickness absenteeism meant that it was both natural and necessary to adapt the way people worked in occupational health care. A project was started entitled A pilot model for occupational health care in the county of Jämtland, it was designed to reduce the number of sick days and help get the people who were sick back to work.

  • Directa – a tool factory

    In Botkyrka Municipality, around 30,000 people were registered at the job centre in 2009. Half of them were foreign born, and as a group have more problems than those born in Sweden with regard to entering the labour market. Directa is developing new tools to make it easier for people to participate in the integration.

  • Kulturarvet is looking after objects and people

    For 40 years Kulturarvet was run by the Nordiska Museet. Three years ago, when the museum wanted to concentrate its operations to Stockholm, Coompanion initially undertook the task of transforming operations so they could become social enterprises. Falun municipality is now continuing its efforts to integrate people who find themselves very much outside of the labour market.

  • Integration by becoming a member of a club or an association

    Umeå has discovered the sort of difficulties immigrants experience when trying to become a member of a local club or association. Among other things, it is due to the fact that people doubt their language abilities, that they feel they are not good enough to participate, or they simply do not know how to go about it. Therefore, the Integration Network in Umeå along with several other organizations has started a project “In i Umeå” (Into Umeå) in order to make it easier for newly arrived immigrants and refugees to become involved in community activities.

  • Police open up for multicultural teamwork

    For a long time, the Police in Stockholm have lacked staff with a non-Nordic background, while youth unemployment has been high in the region. This is the background to the project Spira Stockholm which following experiences from previous projects has invested in training for young people who will be able to obtain a civilian position along with training in diversity for own personnel. Previous efforts to make the Södertälje Police District more diverse provided experience for Spira which has trained young people for civilian positions in the police or in the strategically chosen cooperating parties' activities, in accordance with the project plan.

  • Economic association provided job opportunities in forest community

    In July 2008, one in eight of the people who lived in Strömsund was unemployed. Many of them lived in isolation and were in need of help and support to find work. In order to increase the supply of labour and the amount of job opportunities, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan started a social fund project entitled KC2.

  • When organizational learning reaches out

    The method used for the in-service training of health care staff by Kravmärkt yrkesroll is the result of ten years of development work. What started as a local project in the county of Stockholm is now a trademark protected service that is sold to municipalities and health care providers throughout the country.